Hockey Lace Belt Specs


The Original Howies Hockey Lace Belt is made from 3 lightly waxed, genuine Howies skate laces sewn to a durable backing for strength and rigidity. It's a thick, heavy duty, and well-made belt.

Sizing your lace belt

Adjustable Size

The Hockey Lace Belt is one size fits all - up to a 42" waist. Resizing instructions are included or watch the video.


The Howies Lace Belt comes in black, white, yellow, and pink.
Three colors to choose from

Belt close-up

Belt Buckle

The brushed nickel buckle is solid and cinches tight for a reliable hitch. Our classic Canadian logo is engraved into the buckle


Every belt is neatly rolled and packaged in a small plastic box.
Belt packaging

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